Flash quit working. Finally!

We knew it was going to happen sometime, but, yesterday? No.

The Flash requirement left the default Oracle Express console after 12c.

I never used Express much since I always had the full-fledged OEM product. The old Express wasn’t much. The new Express is even less. Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) has become Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (OEM CC).

Cloud Control requires its own server and an Oracle Management Service (OMS) which is generally also built on its own server. It is not very easy to install, but it’s worth the effort.

You can always use SQL Developer and the SQL*Plus command line, or perhaps even go for a third-party tool like Toad to perform database administration. SQL Developer is a developer’s tool, not a DBA’s.

Toad is a popular choice, but I would recommend against using it. That discussion is elsewhere.

The real solution is to install Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (OEM CC)

When we built our first 13c instance, 12c was the only certified version for the OMS. Now our OMS is on this host with no Flash. We are at 19cR1 is the product cycle and looking forward to 19cR2. Hopefully, Oracle’s certification matrix will be updated… and we will move off 12c forever.

If you would like help in this or any other area of Oracle administration, please, I am available.

Thank you for reading.


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