Stay with me for a few days. I am still setting up this site to be a blog. Over the years there have been a number of things hosted here. Recently I tried to post short pieces on LinkedIn. While that worked, it isn’t the place for what I have in mind. I am going to update a couple of old posts and structure a couple of topics into threads with multiple expected results.

Being without a paying customer, I do not have any Oracle support. Working with this product for 40 years, I can affirm that using the product without support is difficult at best. How does an unemployed person learn?

One thread will be dealing with Oracle errors, exploring things to learn that are only relevant because of the failure. This will include tools, scripts, aliases and such which help the DBA doing repetitive tasks. Understanding the footprint and using the tools is a big part of getting started.

Another thread will be about failure error messages and tips on reaching a solution short of leaving aspects of your installation broken. These are not so much to be readable and do not appear in any special order. They are presented as they are created and only expected to be found through a Google search. I hope to get multiple people posting pairs of error “message||solution”. The page will only be found though a search and only those seeking an answer will visit. These won’t be something to read as each pair of information will exist, and that in itself is the answer. Without having the question there is no answer, hence, nothing to read.

More to come… Writing about it is making me think 🙂