Amazon Web Services (AWS) has given every architect the tools necessary to create solutions; however, the knowledge to use these tools lies outside the domain of any one traditional discipline. The database design has migrated to the programmer. The programmer becomes the designer of the resulting system. He is the architect by default. He may be alone.

Ideally, he knows it all; but he cannot. With that in mind I have joined the local AWS users group, and I have become its’ facilitator. This keeps me motivated toward the cloud, in a position to learn from early AWS adopters, and hopefully,  to become part of a small team doing what will be done in the future: Designing for and building in the cloud.

Relational databases are not dead. Oracle is still an excellent product… for those who truly need it. But, seriously, let’s face it, Nobody buys a database. Entrepreneurs see an application and seek a solution. It will have a database.

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