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The effort behind the AWS button push does not appear accidentally. RDS makes it appear so simple. The only reason for me to build on EC2 is the ability to shut down certain configurations depending on […]

that’s me when it comes to tuning your Oracle database. Tuning an Oracle database is nothing more than configuring the system and program global areas and locking them into memory. This is relatively simple on […]

No RAC Here; but,

As an independent contractor working with Oracle databases, I frequently am asked about RAC experience. Here is my analysis of the product written in 2004 when Oracle went fro “i” to “g”. As contract DBA for […]

Oracle Can Be So Difficult

A year ago a Navy IT friend of mine came over so we could install Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) on an AWS (Amazon) instance. He had installed the Oracle 11g database on some hardware running […]

Oracle Technical Network (OTN) hosts Oracle software installation packages for developer / development use. These are the base level files, compressed and distributed in a ZIP format. Checksums are also provided for you to confirm […]

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