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The effort behind the AWS button push does not appear accidentally. RDS makes it appear so simple. The only reason for me to build on EC2 is the ability to shut down certain configurations depending on […]

Oracle PULA is Real but Why?

It is not always clear what rumors about Oracle licensing are true. With regard to the new Perpetual User License Agreement (PULA), some you hear is probably true. The best advice I keep in mind […]

that’s me when it comes to tuning your Oracle database. Tuning an Oracle database is nothing more than configuring the system and program global areas and locking them into memory. This is relatively simple on […]

Oracle frequently changes product names and feature sets. There are currently fourteen extra cost options and eight or nine management packs which are also extra cost. These options and management packs are only available with […]

Oracle on AWS: BYOL

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is a web service which allows one to configure and use MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases which reside virtualized in the cloud. For Oracle configurations, AWS uses two […]

Hello world!

Welcome to my world. It’s been three years since writing this page, possibly, the first one of my pages you will see… Here is a 2016 update. Currently running three Meetup groups, most notably, the […]

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