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What do you do when you become responsible for an Oracle database that has been running for three years, accumulating nobody really knows what, other than it’s all very important. You have the Window 2008 […]

The effort behind the AWS button push does not appear accidentally. RDS makes it appear so simple. The only reason for me to build on EC2 is the ability to shut down certain configurations depending on […]

Oracle to PostgreSQL

After spending four months tuning an 11g instance and proprietary application SQL using Oracle tools and the Oracle Wait Interface (OWI) I am a big fan of Oracle Enterprise Edition. Oracle Standard Edition does not […]

Oracle Can Be So Difficult

A year ago a Navy IT friend of mine came over so we could install Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) on an AWS (Amazon) instance. He had installed the Oracle 11g database on some hardware running […]

This post was created from a presentation at an Amazon Users Group Meetup in San Diego. Details on the main presentation may be found here: One of the hardest pieces for a non-system or network […]

What is Cassandra?

A friend and former employer recently asked me “what do you know about Cassandra?” and I had to admit, other than the obvious exposure, I really did not know much. There are so many crazy […]

How Do We Build Teams?

In the world we grew up in the various system functions were taken care of by teams of people. They were compartmentalized specialists: System, Network, Security, Database and Quality Assurance. Sometimes there were even teams […]

Let’s Catch Up, Okay?

I have not posted here in a while; it was my original expectation to post here more often during a learning period as I explore exactly what AWS is offering, how it is used, and […]

Amazon Trials and Tribulations

It is hard to know where to start writing about certain subjects. With Amazon, there is so much to learn, so many mistakes to make, and nobody wants to admit they make mistakes. That goes […]

What is the Cloud?

The perception today is that it is everything in the data center which is possibly rented from Amazon. Let’s see if it changes over time. Do you think that is enough?

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