Modern Retailers: How Modern are They?

When returning something to Target or Walmart, not only can they access your purchase by the receipt, they can access it via your credit card. Their no-hassle return policies are well-defined, and even when an item can’t be traced to a store or customer, there’s an amount they will give you to return an item.

Strikes me as very smart. It helps to heal the wounds of their previous mishaps. At least the data they maybe shouldn’t have allowed to become accessable is used to help us.

Try the same thing at a Vons and you pretty much have to have a song and dance, and then they handle a valid complaint with a gift card. They claim they have no access to data from either source: club card or credit card.

That the plastic card that I’ve carried for twenty or more years is supposed to mean something, have some purpose to the vendor. It appears useless to me today as a customer. It would mean lower prices, or bigger profits, or some factor to be determined if you used the information you have for good.

Thank you Vons.

I am disappointed.


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