My 1988 Supra Turbo – Parts, Mods & Machine Work

This post is a list of mods made or waiting to be made to my Toyota Supra. No pictures on this post. Notes about issues or things outstanding are included. List is alphabetical by system name. Current as of 9/11/2015.

AC Retrofit

receiver drier, o-rings, etc. (compressor attached and system charged)

Body, exterior, interior & trim

Kaminari ft & rr bumper covers
Carbon fiber hood
Paint, lifetime with extra clear (Porsche code 6B4, Seal Gray Metallic)
Cobra Evolution GT Seats – 2
Recaro sliders & brackets
Schroth, DOT approved, 6 pt harness – 2
Windshield, new installed
every bolt taken off car has been measured & minimum purchased from Fastenal
gas tank, dipped & cleaned, no sealer
fire extinguisher
engine undercover
front emblem
TMS front grill screen (FOR SALE)
TMS carpet
Leather steering wheel wrap
TMS Harness bar
Lipp intercooler block off
clear corners (ft. turn signal lenses)
tail light gaskets – replaced with OEM
Rubber seal, rear deck lid
Interior, sound mat
Underbody, stripped, truck bed liner applied
Car cover – used for two weeks at paint shop. not used in garage

Need: boot, handbrake, leather, black


Brake pads, Axxis Ultimate, ft & rr
emergency brake shoes
rebuilt calipers – 4
caliper rebuild kits – 4 on the shelf, mine were too far gone to use
slotted rotors – 4
Earls brake line kit
Speed bleeders


clutch cover, disk & bearing, twice, possibly stage 1 and stage 2, not for 600 rwhp
pilot bearing (bush)
slave cylinder, rebuild kit (for R154)
steel braided clutch line
slave cylinder, new, for W58 (FOR SALE)


all hoses (Toyota $1358.86, est. in 2006)
obtained elsewhere, as available
new hose clamps everywhere
inter cooler & heater core, dipped & cleaned
radiator, replaced
dual electric fan kit

Engine (early block and early crank)

HKS 2.0 mm Bead Type MHG
ARP head studs
ARP rod bolts
ARP main bolts
K&N filter & recharge kit
cams, new, after head straightening
valve stem seals
Adjustable Cam Gears (AEM 23-613C)
clear timing gear cover
Valve cover screw kit
exhaust studs enlarged
O2 sensor
pistons, cast (FOR SALE) – one over
pistons, forged (JE)
timing belt
oil pump
oil squirters, and bolts
braided hose kit, oil pump
rod bearings, 2 sets (sizes, to be checked in garage)
main bearings, 2 sets
piston pin bushings (not sure I remember why)
thrust washers
piston rings (2 sets)
freeze plugs, all
cam bearing (to be pressed in block after dip)
water pump
radiator cap
air filter (OEM type)
fuel filter
oil filter
plug wires
full gasket set
belts, all for original
belts, all for aluminum crank pulley
motor mounts – 2
flywheel, original, exchanged for rebuilt (FOR SALE)
flywheel, aluminum (Clutchmasters)

Need: flywheel bolts, Toyota anti-freeze, red and valve springs
Tool Req’d: re-threading kit (chase)


wiring harness, well preserved, wrapped with 550 injector clips
Redtop GEL battery, on battery tender
Aluminum battery box, relocation cables
battery disconnect
Sealed beams – 2
Turn signal stalk replaced
painted arms, installed new blades, ft. & rr.
speakers, Focal Acess, 100 GA1SG, ft. & rr

Need: Gauges for turbo functionality, and mounting locations
Like: aftermarket wiring harness


Front pipe without front cat
High Flow Catalytic Converter
Blitz NUR Spec Exhaust (Cat back)

Also have entire original exhaust taken off in 2005, in case SMOG is possible.


Turbonetrics 60-1 2.75″ stage 3 turbo with ceramic bearing
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Reg
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
RC engineering 550cc injectors
Wiring clips
Greddy RS BOV
Greddy Full Auto Timer
Lexus V8 AFM
hard pipes, all, perhaps, all plus a few duplicates

Need: wideband o2 sensor & something to tune with….


Eibach Pro-Kit, Springs (EIB 8211.140)
Illumina adjustable shocks, ft & rr
sway bars, ft & rr
link assembly, pairs, ft & rr
KYB strut boots – 2
KYB front strut/strut mounts – 2
KYB rear strut/shock mounts – 2
Cusco rear strut tower bar
Cusco front strut tower bar
tie rod ends – 4
ball joints – 2
bearings & seals, spindles
bearings & seals (WAM, some duplication or error, forget why)
wheel studs – 4
Lipp, red poly bushings, ft & rr
machine shop pressing ($720) – never again, thank you Harbor Freight!
Lipp traction bars – came with poly bushes
Original traction bars with poly bushes (FOR SALE)
Goodyear F1 Eagles – 4
wheels, aluminum – 4
lug nuts

Need: TEMS, front only, have rear
Identify: Nuts, rear sway bar link (not 10 x 1.25; but, very close)
Missed: sub-frame nylon bushes (not known to need, just unfortuate to have missed)

Transmission (R154 5 speed)

Trans mount
rear seal
new fluid
short throw shifter
drive shaft. one piece, light

Rear End (LSD confirmed)

Rear half shafts, axels (rebuilt)
differential fill bolt
LSD gear oil, replaced
U-Joints – 3 (PN 1-1612BF FOR SALE)

Machine work done

Hot tank, block
surface block after two spots welded
cylinder boring & cross hone
head straightened & surfaced
valve seat grinding
valves refaced

Machine work still to be done prior to final assembly

align bore big end of rods with ARP bolts
align bore crank with ARP mains

Welding to be done

front seat mounting nut, in floor
bracket for front facia attachment

Parts Needed from Wrecking Yard

clip for driver’s door locking mechinism
clip from left lower door seal

This car is libel to never be legal in California. Several parts are marked “off road use only”; although, they could be taken off. It would still never pass a visual inspection. I am counting on a miracle, or perhaps a move into Nevada 🙂

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