What is the Truth?

A friend since childhood posted on Facebook that everyone is willing to believe the lies, But no one wants to hear the truth. My reply quickly got too long for Facebook without even knowing the gripe. We agreed that the victory for this Friday was the win in Kentucky. Other problems, another day.

My friend is a retired Vietnam war veteran. From my high school friends who went, he is the only one to come home undamaged. He loves this country. He wants to be proud of America. From where he sits and watches, all is not always right. Like all of us, he watches the show; but the system doesn’t always work.

What is the truth?

Truth must be some version of what happened. First-hand knowledge is the best, well documented in some irrefutable way. Otherwise, it’s just a story. There are roughly 4,200 religions in the world and they all believe they have the truth, or if not, they would not exist.

My friend and I were talking about truth in government though, not religion.

Can we ever know our government? Can our government be trusted? And for that matter, can we trust them to even be aware of the truth? Individually, there is always truth. Collectively, not necessarily so.

Who killed JFK, MLK and RFK, and why? How about the truth on Watergate, Iran-Contra and Bin Laden? Why did it take years to get him? What’s the real story on 9/11? Why do we let Afghanistan continue harvesting heroin? Did we really go to the moon? Has earth been visited by aliens? Are there other conspiracies that we should know about? Will someone rise to the top for 2016 presidential election, and then, not be allowed to make it? (If I were running, I’d be very paranoid.)

The list could easily go on. Add your own!

In search of some truth of my own, my LinkedIn profile is the basis for my first-hand account. I must admit that promoting myself publically this way seems arrogant, as if special or entitled… why does he think that this story, his story, needs to be told?

I cannot answer the questions. I doubt that our government ever will, even if they could. I doubt our president knows. The secrecy required by security clearances makes them more valuable than building passes.

Our government knows more than it says… about everything. It has to know. Hopefully it knows the truth, too. We will probably never know, and we won’t get an accounting in heaven either.

The truth today? My truth? We are lucky to be alive and living in a free country. Let’s learn from our mistakes. About all we can do is be more aware and vote. No more Bush. No more Clinton. No Republicans, simply because of the Tea Party. That, and the early front runner, Donald Trump, is a clown. Please middle-America, don’t even think about it. It’s a joke!

It is time for a serious set of changes. Today, my front-runner is Bernie Sanders. Check him out for yourself.

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